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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 16, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> this is the fox report. tonight, no room for error. as a college women's sports team goes off the road in a bus, killing the coach. she was pregnant. details coming up into fox news. filling the air waves and calling observers to take notice. a pep talk about the future and the direction of the republican party at cpac. coming up for the final day of the first big gathering of conservatives since november's election. with the call to rally. >> defend the constitution. liberty is under assault from every direction. >> remember no drama obama? if only, now it's all drama
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obama. >> you magically put me into the white house did she. >> harris: fox report, live from the conservative political action conference. and the winner of the 2016 straw poll. also, they served our nation in the war zone, some of them left with battle scars. now one state wants to strip them of their right to bear arms at home. now those veterans are getting some help. in minutes, the latest effort to protect their second amendment rights. and jody arias, the movie. really? she's accused of stabbing and cutting the throat of her ex-boyfriend. here she is in an interrogation room. now her story coming to a television screen near you. new details of the on-line casting call for the film. i'm harris faulkner. the 2016 race to the white house still more than three years away, but political
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conservatives making their voices heard in their first major gathering since president obama won his reelection in november. among the who's who of republicans at this year's cpac conference, voters choosing kentucky senator rand paul as the winner of the traditional cpac straw poll. senator paul barely edging out florida senator marco rubio. former senator rick santorum finishing a distant third with 8% of the vote. as we look farther down the list, new jersey governor chris christie, not invited to speak this year, finished fourth. then mitt romney won last year's straw poll, helping him secure, you may remember, enough conservatives to eventually capture the gop nomination. finishing 7th today in the poll, neurosurgeon ben carson. you may remember he gained fame by challenging president obama and his health care reform law at the national prayer breakfast earlier this year. dr. carson not mincing words today, accusing washington of being out of touch with the american people.
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>> that's very sad that we have reached a point in our lives where so many people who feel that they're not represented anymore and this is something i want you people who are in congress and who are in the senate and who are in the white house to understand. you work for the people. you represent the people. >> harris: texas senator ted cruz firing up the crowd with his keynote address just a short time ago. his message defend liberty, the constitution and confront the nation's spending crisis head on. >> do we surrender or do we stand up now? on drones, do we surrender or do we stand up now? on spending, do we surrender or do we stand up now? on debt, do we surrender or do we stand up now?
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>> harris: molly henneberg live with the news at cpac. it got pretty loud as cruz was speaking. >> yes, there was a sense during this convenient that there t may be time for new voices, different strategies, while maintaining their core beliefs of smaller government, lower taxes and a stronger economy. here is more. >> we don't need new principles. we need lots of ideas about how to implement those principles in the 21st century. >> stop panicking, republicans. obama was an incumbent. he did worse than any other incumbent to win reelection in more than 100 years. >> and the keynote speaker, texas senator ted cruz, encouraged the crowd to push for, quote, opportunity conservatism as he calls it. policies that promote growth and opportunity. harris? >> harris: we saw sarah palin get a warm welcome. the former governor of alaska. >> yes, she got seven standing
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ovations. during her speech, she chided president obama for being, quote, a permanent campaigner instead of a leader. here is more of what she said. >> leaders reach across political differences. campaigners double down on those differences. leaders seek to bring americans together to confront our challenges and campaigners, they seek to divide and to conquer and to orchestrate crisis after crisis after crisis to exploit. >> there was also a moment of levity when palin stopped her speech, leaned down and pulled a big gulp from behind the podium and took a couple of drinks. she was poking fun at new york city's mayor michael bloomberg and his attempt to ban large soda drinks. harris? >> harris: interesting to note, i understand dr. ben carson gave an interview after he spoke and from that we learned that he says he's leaving medicine. some people might see this as a preamble to something else maybe
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political. >> yes. the interview took place on the stage after he gave his comments. he was then interviewed in front of everybody and he did say he is retiring from neuro surgery later this year and then he had this tease, if you will, about his future. take a listen. >> let's say you magically put me, you know, into the white house. [ cheering ] all right. all right. i take it back. [ laughter ] >> he says he takes it back. we'll see what happens in the future. dr. carson has been a vocal critic of obamacare, which has won him a lot of fans among republicans and conservatives. >> harris: it's interesting to see obamacare come up again on the hill as they talk about places to slash the budget. it is on the table for many
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republicans tonight talking about it and now dr. carson. of course, known for speaking out about it. gives a hint, a hint that he quickly might run for the white house. it's been a busy week at the conference in maryland. in one place for you to view them, some of the highlights. >> we've lost races before in the past, but those setbacks prepared us for larger victories. it is up to us to make sure we learn from our mistakes and mismistakes and that we take advantage of that learning to make sure we take back the nation, take back the white house, get the senate and put in place conservative principles. [ applause ] >> we don't hide behind our beliefs. argue for them because a budget is more than just a list of numbers. it's an expression of our governing philosophy. our budget draws a very sharp contrast with the left. it says to the people in unmistakable terms, they are the party of shared hardship.
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we are the party of equal opportunity. [ applause ] >> as soon as i'm done speaking i'll tell you what the criticism on the left is going to be. number one, he drank too much water. [ laughter ] number two, that he didn't offer any new ideas and there is the fallacy of it. we don't need a new idea. there is an idea. the idea is called america. and it still works. [ cheers and applause ] >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss covered. [ cheering ] i don't think we need to name any names, do we? [ laughter ] our party is encumbered by an inconsistent approach to freedom. the new gop will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and the personal sphere. >> harris: we're hearing from senator rand paul, who won today's straw poll with 25% of the vote, the senator from
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kentucky. coming up inside the fox report, much more from today's speakers. texas senator ted cruz as we saw at the top of fox report, firing up the crowd. we'll hear more from him and sarah palin and more from dr. ben carson. stay with us this hour. it will be a full one. a new report tonight of developments on the korean peninsula following fresh concerns about the threat of a concern. elizabeth prann more now from washington. >> southsouth korean official rs north korea has test fired two short range missiles this week. the pentagon announcing it has a $1 billion plan to upgrade our missile defense tools and the deputy defense secretary will make a two-day trip to seoul over the weekend. >> we will strengthen homeland missile defense by deploying 14 additional ground base
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interceptors that will increase the number of deployed ground base interceptors from 30 to 44. >> this is in response to the increase in threats from the new ruler, kim jong-un has warned of preemptive nuclear strikes in the united states. in addition to an increase of radar capability in japan, extra interceptors are planned for alaska, along parts of the west coast, as well as undisclosed locations on the east coast. the designs seen in this animation, will be able to counter attacks from intercontinental ballistic missiles, the upgrades originally proposed by the bush administration were halted when president obama took office. while some are critical of the president for this, others say it wasn't appropriate at the time. >> we didn't think we needed to take a lot seriously before 9-11 and we learned afterwards that we did. this young korean dictator is just like his father and his grandfather before him. very erratic, sporadic. the whole regime is very unpredictable. >> the white house official also says the north koreans have advanced their mobile missile capability even within the last six to eight months.
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the goal is to have these defenses in place by 2017. harris, back to you. >> harris: thank you. the threat from north korea may be overshadowing another threat for the meantime, anyway. this one from iran. chuck hagel announcing the united states will scrap a key part of its eastern european missile defense plan which has been a source of friction between the u.s. and russia. the u.s. abandoning plans to deploy several missile interceptors in poland and romania. secretary hagel saying the decision is based on development problems and funding. washington also claims its decision is prompted by a need to address just what we were talking about, north korea's faster than anticipated progress of nuclear weapons development. this move frees up the cash to beef up security in places like alaska to respond to anything that might happen in north korea or with that country. meanwhile, in iran, military commanders now have the authority to respond immediately to enemy attacks. that's according to a spokesman for the islamic republic's armed
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forces. the general of iran's revolutionary guard making the comments on the military force's web site today. saying iran is keeping, quote, all options on the table. language that mimics statements made by president obama about preventing iran from obtaining nuclear weapons through the use of military force. days ago, the president said he believes iran is a year from away from develop ago nuclear bomb. back on u.s. soil now, a hot air balloon accident in miami leaves three people injured, including an nfl free agent dante stallworth. a ten-year football veteran, hospitalized tonight with serious burns. he's expected to be okay eventually. the conditions of the other two victims were not clear on right now. we're still learning more. police say the accident happened when the hot air balloon carrying stallworth and the others hit some power lines. federal investigators say they're looking into the accident. right now, a scene that's horrific after a bus carrying a
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college sports team to a game went off the road. at least two people confirmed dead. several hurt. we'll have the very latest on this developing story. look at the weather in that picture. and a new gun law that could mean men and women who served in our nation's military might have to give up their right to own a firearm. where it's happening and who is fighting on behalf of those military members [ coughs ]
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and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small. >> harris: a women's college lacrosse team and an entire community are hurting tonight. the bus carrying the team and their coach crashed on the way to a game in pennsylvania today. the coach who was six months pregnant, was killed, along with her unborn baby and the bus driver. the survivors were flown to a hospital. no word yet on their conditions. the seaton hill university lacrosse team was on its way to play against millersville
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university. the bus veered off the turnpike and hit a tree. we are learning a tv movie is in the works about the jody arias murder trial. you may know arias is the woman who claims she killed her boyfriend in self-defense when she shot him in the head, stabbed him 27 times, and slit his throat. we showed think video last night on the fox report. it's hard not to watch it again. this was back in 2008. arias standing on her head inside the interrogation room doing a lot of other things during the breaks and questioning by police. like talking and singing to herself about her cosmetics. this all coming shortly after the death of travis alexander. now we're learning about an on-line casting call for a tv movie about this story. dominic live at our west coast bureau with more. the story has so many twists and turns. now this one includes a script. >> yeah, indeed. absolutely. hollywood taking a look at this. but first of all, let's explain how the tape came about, how
4:20 pm
these excerpts came about. what it was was the tape was issued to the media by the authorities. what nobody had done was really beyond the interrogation really seen what else was on the tape. they spooled through it, got to the very end and we finally see these pictures. raising the question of why hasn't the prosecution used these and the defense used them possibly of showing her emotional distress after the killing of her boyfriend, travis alexander? no answers from either. it really does look like something out of a movie, which is why they're making one. >> harris: tell us more about that. >> well, we've actual lea got the casting call here that was actually issued to hollywood. it's the lifetime movie they're going to make. they make prosecuting casey anthony, was one of the biggest made for tv movies ever. they describe the character as quite damning. head turning, they want an actress who can give a palpable,
4:21 pm
sexy allure, well aware of the effect she has on men, unyielding, with no moral mornings. i wonder which actress they'll find. we know it will be made in the coming months by the producer who is doing lifetime's "master of sex." given how much sex is involved in this case, it could be quite a watch. no details how long it will be or who is starting it. the casting call just come out. but i suspect we'll learn quickly and as much of the trial has been compelling viewing, no doubt this movie will be very, very incredible to watch. >> harris: it's interesting, they're going to cast this. we don't know the end yet. >> we certainly know what happened to begin with. that in itself is captivating enough. that is probably very much what people want to see. she's been sitting on that stand for how many days now? i think we're going into the third if not fourth week of this trial. it just keeps going on and on. you know what?
4:22 pm
it could be a sequel. >> harris: my goodness. dominic, good to see you, as always. thank you. afghan citizenning protesting u.s. special forces. what they're accusing our fighting men and women of doing. the new pope holding an audience with the media today. wow. look at all those reporters. why he says he chose his name and where he hopes to steer the church. also we've been showing you the largest gathering of conservatives since the november presidential election. there at the podium, neurosurgeon dr. ben carson of the he challenged president obama over obamacare. more from him coming up inside the fox report today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online.
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>> harris: the new pope meeting
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with reporters and a massive media event at the vatican. thousands of photographers and journalists gathering for their first chance to talk with pope francis. he's opening up to reporters about his election, his vision for the future of the catholic church and details with why he chose the name francis. we know some. we'll learn more. lauren green in rome. lauren? >> normally there are about 600 journalists who cover the vatican here in rome. but their ranks swelled to more than 4,000 these last few weeks between pope benedict's resignation and the conclave to elect a successor. i and my fox colleagues stood in the line of journalists that stretched for blocks waiting to enter the vatican for an audience with the man they've been writing about since his election wednesday evening. pope francis telling members of the media it was the holy spirit who led pope benedict xvi to resign and that it is christ, not the pope, who leads the church. the former jorge bergoglio of argentina diverted from his prepared text to give anecdotes
4:27 pm
from the conclave. he described how he was comforted by his good friend, brazilian cardinal, when it appeared the vote count was favoring the now pope francis. >> when the securing of the balance was going on and it was clear the pope was elected and people were applauding, at that moment, he hugged me. he kissed me. he said, don't forget about the poor. >> the pope, the first latin american and the first jesuit explaining why he chose the name francis. >> talking of the poor, i have often thought of assisi. then i thought of wars, while the scrutiny watts going on. francis is a man of peace. that's how the name came francis of assisi. >> tomorrow he will give his first angleus. then on tuesday, the installation mass attended by several heads of state, including a u.s. delegation led by vice president joe biden.
4:28 pm
and then next saturday, the expected meeting with his predecessor, emeritus, pope benedict xvi in castle gandolfo. >> harris: thank you very much. now we got that in the right spot. some people ordered to evacuate because of a wildfire in colorado. now beginning to go back home. the flames burning up nearly 1,000-acres of land near fort collins, 60 miles north of denver. yesterday's record high temperatures, strong winds fueling the flames finally started to ease. even though the fire is only 5% contained, crews say the wildfire has not spread any farther into residential areas. that is a relief. so far no homes destroyed. great work by those firefighters our nation's veterans fearing one of their rights is being taken away. the new law in one state affecting the men and women who have made a huge sacrifice for the rest of us. the largest gathering of
4:29 pm
political conservatives since the november presidential election. on the stage earlier, former alaska governor sarah palin, not mincing a single word today about a single topic. >> you should have seen what todd got me for christmas. [ laughter ] well, it wasn't that exciting. it's a metal rack, case for a hunting rifle to put on the back of a four wheeler and then i had to get something for him to put in the gun case, right. so he's got the rifle. i got the rack. it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.
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with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >> harris: i'm harris faulkner. this is the fox report. this is the bottom of the hour. the results are in. kentucky senator rand paul taking the top spot in the coveted cpac straw poll. today the final line - up of the conservative political action conference. we heard from a wide range of speakers with rally calls, particularly loud from texas senator ted cruz, former alaska governor sarah palin, and noted neurosurgeon dr. ben carson. >> attorney general eric holder testified at his judiciary committee hearing and i asked him straight up the question: in your judgment, is it constitutional for the united states government to kill a u.s. citizen on u.s. soil if that individual doesn't pose an imminent threat? his answer was, he said, well,
4:34 pm
it wouldn't be appropriate. and my response was, general holder, i'm not asking for your views on propriety. [ laughter ] you are the chief legal advisor for the united states of america. what is your view the department justice have a view on whether the constitution allows our government to kill u.s. citizens on u.s. soil? three times he responded, it wouldn't be appropriate. it was almost as if he didn't understand the question. you know, maybe that says something about how the left views constitutionality, in their minds, appropriate and constitutional are one and the same. >> we're here to restore america and the rest is just theatrics, the rest is sound and series. it's just making noise. that sums up the job president
4:35 pm
obama does today. now, he's considered a good politician, which is like saying bernie madoff was a good salesman. [ cheering ] the difference being the president is using our money. you know, i spend most of my time in the heart of the heartland of america. i have news for the permanent political class in washington. while they're busy worrying about their own political future, things are bad out here. nearly 8% unemployment rate, it doesn't begin to capture how bad things are. even the dismal rates announced of 1 point% economic growth, that doesn't tell the story of the pain that americans feel. our president fancies himself as the champion of the middle class. yet since he came on scene, even those lucky enough to have a job, they're working more for
4:36 pm
less. >> you know, it's very interesting, the outpouring of sentiment that i received after the speech at the national prayer breakfast. i got so much mail, letters, books, just amazing from everybody. and some of the more poignant ones were from older americans who said they had given up and they were just waiting to die. now they felt a sense of revival once again. [ cheering ] and that's very sad that we have reached a point in our lives where so many people who feel that they're not represented anymore. and this is something i want you people who are in congress and who are in the senate and who are in the white house to understand. you work for the people. you represent the people! just understand that. [ applause ] i also got a few nastygrams from
4:37 pm
people, how dare you insult my president? you are a n word and you need to get back -- you know, it's just unbelievable. you know. when did we reach a point where you have to have a certain philosophy because of the color of your skin? when did that happen? >> harris: other speakers today included minnesota congresswoman michelle bachman, newt gingrich, and wisconsin governor scott walker. the issue of gun control and second amendment rights getting a lot of attention this week at cpac and just today a new development in the state of new york. hours ago, it became law that some members of our military may not be allowed to own a gun. it's part of one of the nation's toughest gun control laws on the books and in response, the department of veterans affairs says it will not comply with the new requirement to hand over the names of certain patients.
4:38 pm
those who they believe may be a danger to themselves or others. eric shaun in our new york city news room. what does the law exactly say? >> the law requires the mental health care professionals, that they tell government officials if they think their patient is dangerous. the information would be used to make sure people who should not have a gun do not. it was passed in the wake of the horrible massacre in newtown by new york governor andrew cuomo. he points out that any information the doctors share with authorities would still be confidential. >> some organization just say at the beginning of the day, all communications are confidential, period, all information is confidential, period. so it's going to have to be viewed in light of their legal structure in the first place. >> supporters hope the reporting requirement could prevent future shooting sprees by making sure imbalanced people do not own firearms. >> harris: eric, what about the opponents? >> some worry it would have the opposite effect and could
4:39 pm
backfire, result in patients not getting help and it's really touched a nerve, especially with veterans. the veterans administration itself will not even comply with the law. the v.a. says, quote, federal law safeguarded the confidentiality do not authorize v.a. mental health members to comply with this state law. under the supremacy clause of the u.s. constitution, federal laws take precedence over conflicting state and local laws. some veterans groups fear that vets could be unfairly stigma advertised and doctors could take action without sharing the confidential information. jesse duff is a form gunnery soldier who is now with concerned veterans for america. >> most often veterans are very nervous about reporting medical issues if they don't feel there will be a confidentiality. so anybody who had experienced any type of trauma or has emotional or mental issues based on their experiences in combat or even while serving on active duty may be very reluctant or hesitant to get the help or assistance that they need. >> and it's not just veterans
4:40 pm
groups. other mental health experts worry about equating mental illness with violence and say people should be encouraged to speak treatment, instead of adding extra complications that could potentially prevent someone from seeking mental health treatment. >> harris: i have to think people watching this may be scratching their heads 'cause we always have to sign those of white house are not in the military, that hppa document, which means that certain things about us cannot be shared, like mental evaluations. >> yeah, that's true. you see these privacy laws are just tremendous. you have a stack like this when you go to the doctor. but this effort trying to -- aimed at preventing what happened, for example, at newtown. >> eric shawn, thank you. afghan's marching against american military members after years of war and trying to protect the people there from the taliban. a protest in afghanistan's capital today and it could signal growing dissent for u.s. special forces stationed in a key area of battle. 500 demonstrators taking part in
4:41 pm
a march to parliament in kabul demanding the release of nine citizens they claim are being held by american forces. u.s. officials say they have knowledge of four men arrested in the province during joint u.s.-afghan raids burks they have no information about the other five. afghan president karzai wants all american special forces out of the area immediately, but he's agreed to give u.s. commander general joseph dunnford enough time to come up with a plan to maintain security once american forces leave that region. rescue crews fighting fog and freezing temperatures to recover an american astronaut and two russian chaz mow naughts. they're returning back to earth after nearly five months on board the international space station. the space capsule touched down on the frozen tundra in kazakhstan. the weather was so severe there, only two of 12 search and rescue helicopters in the air could even reach them. a three-man crew remains on board the iss, and an american
4:42 pm
will be among the next crew headed to the space station at the end of the month. a very young girl accusing a pair of high school football players of raping her on the stand today on this saturday. it's a case making national headlines all week long. it's dividing a small city in ohio and it's breaking wide open today with her words inside the courtroom. a case of lost and found. you heard of people losing their luggage on a flight, right? but a dog? this little guy was on a domestic flight to arizona. instead, he ended up in ireland. [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand.
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>> harris: new video of a deadly plane crash in south florida. this was breaking as we went live for you last night on fox report. now smart phone video capturing the scene in fort lauderdale moments after the crash. a massive fireball as you see coming from the small plane that slammed into the parking lot and then the building. all three people on board killed. no one on the ground was hurt. seven parked cars and a boat on a trailer burned. we're told the turbo prop had engine trouble before it took off from fort lauderdale executive airport yesterday. it tried to turn around and make an emergency landing, but obviously that didn't work out. it is day four in a rape trial that's dividing one town. a judge holding a rare saturday session in the case against two high school football players. they're accused of raping a 16-year-old girl after a night of party not guilty august. hours ago, the alleged victim on the stand telling her side of the story. mike tobin live for us in the jephson county juvenile court in steubenville, ohio.
4:47 pm
what did we hear from the young girl? >> well, as you point out, that young girl was one of the last witnesses. they have now moved into closing arguments into this case. but the girl told the court that she woke up the morning after the alleged sexual assault and said she was scared and confused, mostly because she woke up naked and didn't know how she got that way. they got into a lot of the text messages sent between one defendant and her. one in which trent mays wrote to her, i should be thanked for taking care of you. she was also asked about one message that she sent to the defendant, trent mays, in which he said, i know you didn't rape me, she was asked if she understood the definition, particularly the legal definition of rape in ohio and she said no. harris? >> harris: what does the defense say? >> well, the defense in particular brought out one expert in alcohol intoxication. that expert said on the witness stand, despite this girl being very drunk, getting sick and
4:48 pm
stumbling around, she still had the ability to say yes or no. >> based on these, i would -- these pieces of evidence, i would conclude that she was capable of engaging in voluntary decisions, as well as exhibiting at least some degree of behavioral capability. >> witnesses say they saw the girl passed out on the floor with the two football players making sexual contact with her. she appeared to be unconscious and unresponsive. that expert testified that she did not believe the girl consumed enough alcohol to cause unconsciousness. we're waiting to hear what the court says. harris? >> harris: wow. on this rare session this saturday, now into the night, mike tobin, if it makes news in the next few minutes, we'll come back to you. thank you. an accident involving a scissor lift being used for
4:49 pm
maintenance. it collapsed with people on it. paramedics transported one worker to jacksonville memorial hospital. the other two dying at the scene. it's unknown exactly how this happened. a tragic accident on a job, killing two men. it is our first stop on this fox trip across america. florida. that lift ended up on its side. three men were on it. this is fort everglades north of miami. two of the workers didn't make it. paramedics transported the one survivor with critical injuries to a hospital. investigators say they aren't sure what caused it to tip over. the crew was conducting routine maintenance on a walkway at the time. new york. a greyhound bus headed to new york city carrying some unwanted passengers. roaches. a lot of them. >> they started crawling up on our homes, off the ceiling. >> they infested. >> the man had roaches on his
4:50 pm
coat. the lady had a roach on her head. it was terrible. >> harris: riders saw them everywhere on the journey back from atlantic city, new jersey. some passengers jumping into the aisle to brush them off. this is someone's smart phone video. the bus pulled over. everybody got off. eventually onto another bus. greyhound issuing refunds and apologizing. the company says it is investigating. michigan. a man on a run from the law turns into a chase through the streets of detroit. police say the chase started after the suspect assaulted an officer and took off. at times, cutting through parking lots and over yards. police caught him. the chase ended like a demolition derby with several squad cars hitting the suspect's vehicle, pinning him in. california. caught on tape, some criminals trying to break into a coffee kiosk. watch as the gun jams as they try to shoot out the window. then one tries to punch through the window. no luck there either. eventually they use the butt of the gun to smash their way in.
4:51 pm
once inside, they try to move the security camera long after their faces were seen. their reward for all that? milk, muffin tops. no cash. geniuses. that's a fox watch across america. the owners of an english springer spaniel may have a bone to pick. their dog was scheduled to fly cargo from new jersey to phoenix this week. he was put on the wrong flight and ended up in ireland, unleashing much worry among his family. >> my dog got sent to frickeen ireland? how ireland? not even lining he went to florida. he's in ireland. >> i didn't know what to do for her or her mom. it was silence. it was just what do you say? i hope he gets some guiness and corn beef and cabbage. >> hi. >> harris: the dog tail has a happy ending. hendricks apparently has the luck of the irish.
4:52 pm
united quickly realized it made a huge mistake and took immediate steps to reunite hendricks. this family in phoenix. great stuff. celebrations on both sides of the atlantic. food, fireworks, fun, this party going on for five days. where and why coming up. wow. it was quite fun in new york city. the world's largest and oldest st. patrick's day parade, one avenue over from fox world headquarters. it was fun walking through the snow to get in here to the parade. the music was fantastic. there was a special guest from ireland. we'll tell you about it (music t) why turbo?
4:53 pm
trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
>> harris: bagpipes bell lowing as groups gather for the 262nd annual st. patrick's day parade.
4:56 pm
♪ . >> harris: actually looks better there because at one point, it was really snowing hard. the world's largest and oldest parade, thousands of people garbed in green. even ireland's prime minister st. patrick's day officially is tomorrow, as you know. you may wonder why they did this today. the parade is being held a day early because of sunday religious observances that they hold in the city. on the other side of the atlantic, valencia, spain, celebrating five days of commemorating st. joseph. alicia is streaming live. when we saw you last night, it was party on and still party on. >> it continues here at this moment. it continues as tourists from
4:57 pm
all over the globe enjoy the splendor of these larger than life events. everything at the festival, like this behind me to the celebratory explosions are on a scale so huge, it's almost tough to imagine. earlier we got a closer look at one of the more colorful traditions. >> the color and splendor of the festival is on full display by the men and women, boys and girls of valencia. we are in the middle of a parade that will last hours into the night. these are the people of the communities wearing their regional costumes. they're full of colors and detail and the women here all wear very specific hair styles. it's also part of their costume. of course, with any good parade, there is a competition. so many of these women have dreamed as little girls of becoming queen of the fiesta. >> i'm very proud to be the queen and for me, it's very
4:58 pm
important thing because it is a very long tradition. >> it's the same for me. i am very proud to be the fayara from valencia and a bigger responsibility. >> now, coming up next week, they'll have a massive paella contest and wednesday into thursday, they will have the traditional destruction of all of these, more than 300 bonfires throughout the city. harris? >> harris: alicia, thank you very much. cpac wrapping up in maryland. conservatives speaking loud and clear on this weekend. we'll take another look. stay with us what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. i took something for my sinus, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough.
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